The Survey and Certification Program certifies ESRD facilities for inclusion in the Medicare Program by validating that the care and services of each facility meet specified safety and quality standards, called "Conditions for Coverage." The Survey and Certification Program provides initial certification of each dialysis facility and ongoing monitoring to ensure that these facilities continue to meet these basic requirements. 

During your facility survey process, you will be asked if you have engaged the ESRD Network in establishing your facility. Review the Opening a New Facility knowledge solution to ensure you are compliant with this aspect of the Survey and Certification process.  Once the facility completes the survey and certification process, the Network enters the facility information into EQRS. Below are the steps to add a new facility to EQRS.

For information regarding the enrollment process for ESRD Treatment Facilities, please visit the CMS enrollment information website. 

A CMS 3427 (ESRD Application/Notification and Survey/Certification Report) is required to be completed.